this is me...

I'm Jillianne! Jill is fine, too. 

You can find me in Cleveland, Ohio.

Since you're here, let's play "get to know the photographer":

I've been pressing that shutter button for quite some time now.  I earned a Bachelor's Degree in photography from Kent State University in 2016, and went full time with it shortly thereafter.


I am lucky to be part of the TJDS (The James Douglas Studio) Fam, where I actually had my internship while in college. It's my home away from home, with such a beautiful view of downtown.

I'm definitely an extrovert, but I like to spend a lot of my time at home with my fiancé & our two cats, Atlas and Booker!  



Facts Facts Facts:

I drink my coffee black, I almost always have Lo-Fi playing while at my apartment & I'm an aunt of seven amazing kiddos (yes, all from one sister)...
I am a frequent concert-goer. (Not with COVID, obviously... please bring back shows soon!)  
  I'm a bit of a nerd & am a
 huge fan of Star Wars, the MCU, and anime. I love exploring parks, cemeteries, and city streets. I bartend two times a week at a beautiful winery in Chagrin Falls, Sapphire Creek, where I also take photos for & help run their social media. My fiancé and I love to go on scenic drives together, and frequent local car shows. Video games are a favorite, too. 

If you're down to work together, feel free to reach out. We can maybe meet for some coffee or bourbon, & go from there! 

Thanks for spending a few minutes reading all of this.
See ya around!