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the photographer...

I'm Jillianne! Jill is fine, too. 

hailing from cleveland, ohio (but born in a very small town east of the city).
Now i am a new resident of coolin, idaho. 

Since you're here, that means you want to know the person behind the camera:

I've been pressing that shutter button for quite some time now.  I earned a Bachelor's Degree in photography from Kent State University in 2016, and went full time with it shortly thereafter.

Being part of the TJDS (The James Douglas Studio) Fam is where I learned a lot about photography... and made many friends and new clients.  I had my internship there while in college. No matter where I go, that place will always have a place in my heart. 

I love adventure. I've had many grand opportunities to explore different parts of the world, and look forward to future travel plans. (You can see photos from my trips in my "Travel" section!)


Photo by: James Douglas

Facts Facts Facts:

I drink my coffee black. I listen to Lo-Fi music while I'm editing photos...or cleaning.. or just relaxing. I'm a cat mom of my chunky boy, Atlas. I'm an aunt of seven amazing kiddos (yes, all from one sister)...
I love going to concerts, hiking, relaxing with my cat & bartending.
  I'm a bit of a nerd & am a
 huge fan of Star Wars, the MCU, and anime. I frequently explore parks, cemeteries, and any other interesting place I find myself in. Video games are a favorite, too. 

If you're down to work together, feel free to reach out. We can maybe meet for some coffee & go from there! 

Thanks for spending a few minutes reading all of this.
Let's talk soon!

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